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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

my funny kid

 I was just thinking about before Jake went in for surgery, He was a bit nervous and they gave him a little something to calm his nerves. He started singing   ....Take another piece of my heart now baby... and he wanted to play operation.... He really is a funny kid...
Yesterday before he was released Dr. Maron had stopped by and said Jake was becoming a legend because Noreen was telling everyone about how minutes after they removed the breathing tube he was singing show tunes and Boston's Foreplay/ Long Time...
"It's been such a long time
I think I should be goin', yeah
And time doesn't wait for me, it keeps on rollin'
Sail on, on a distant highway
I've got to keep on chasin' a dream
I've gotta be on my way" Noreen said if she knew anything about you-tube or how to record video from her phone Jake would totally be on You Tube...   They commented on his positive attitude....
Even now, he is in great spirits.  I know he is in pain, especially when he coughs... but he is still cracking jokes.  I can't wait for him to feel better so he can enjoy life...That's my dream.... He has been so tired for so long...I can't wait to see him excited about going places or wanting to do things...As he lays there in pain,  I just remind him ... tomorrow is going to be a little better... and before too long he won't feel any pain...  and I am SO looking forward to that day...and you know what.... he is going to be ok.. you know why? because I purposely handed him his batman boxers this morning as he got dressed...secretly channeling his batman powers...no seriously, I know because we have a much higher power than batman on our side...

   The hotel we are staying in has a free shuttle to and from the hospital but I decided to call a taxi to get Jake to the hotel, because I thought it would be easier to get in the cab than the shuttle van.  The cab driver did a great job, so I'm not sure why but Jake got sick.  In the elevator he said I think I'm going to be sick... So as the dooor opened he said run.. so here my chunky little body is halling booty down the hallway to the last room... ( really they could of given us a closer room)  to unlock the door and grab a garbage can and get it back to him.  Well, my short little legs failed me... because as I turned to run back... Jake was leaning forwards with chunks at his feet.... uggh... I got him in the room and called the front desk. Then took care of my little man...  I got him settled in, then had to run across the street to get his prescriptions filled. As I opened the door what do I see, the janitor cleaning the puke... as I walked passed him I slipped him $5... and apologized...  I felt SO bad. Poor guy... Jake hasn't thrown up since so it must of been the driver... All I can say is this whole thing has been an experience.
Anyhow, last night was rough... he had a really hard time getting comfortable and by the time he was, my alarm was going off to give him his meds.  So it felt like we were awake every two hours.  The nurse came by today, she is very nice.  She said everything looks good.  His incision his healing nicely. It is 17cm long.  The nurse also commented about the hotel being in the inner city and I should watch my back if I go out anywhere... are you kidding me?  I've walked across 7 lanes of traffic to walk to  the CVS ( in 43 degree weather)  on several occasions now...  and yes after dark... are you kidding me?  Maybe it's me being a naive, simple, country girl but I'm not nervous... even now.. everyone has been so nice and friendly, ok.. but I will admit... I did head to CVS for a thermometer today before it got dark....

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  1. Awe, you be careful out there. It might have just been a combination of things - being post op and then the cab ride and then the elevator. Some people just get sick in elevators. You are such a good momma. You both have really awesome spirits.
    I can't wait until he is pain free. :)