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Friday, December 9, 2011

the day after....

I remember reading a blog about a girl that had a myectomy saying the day after was the absolute worst. I hope and pray her account is correct. The girls writing said it felt like an elephant sitting on her chest.  Jake kind of describes the same thing.  He is in pain now.  Sleeping,  sitting in a recliner... Earlier he was able to blow the ball blowy thing that measure the volume of air in his lunges to 2000ml... now only 500ml... It hurts too much.  The nurses said that's normal. His blood pressure is also too low for them allow him to walk around..  otherwise they were hoping to get him up for a bit.
Noreen stopped by tonight and said yesterday, literally one minute after they pulled the breathing tube out he was singing show tunes, telling everyone how fabulous they were, yelling Hi out to the nurses station. She said that was a first in all her years of nursing. She chuckled over it. She thinks Jake is pretty amazing.
   Noreen also introduced us to the man who had the myectomy surgery in the afternoon yesterday. His wife and I chatted for a bit. She is very nice. We are actually staying at the same hotel and they were kind enough to give us a ride back ( the shuttle driver makes me car sick).
Slowly, they are taking him off all the wires that he is attached to.. I can't even count how many.. they are all wrapped around each other in a maze.  He still has thick tubes in his lunges. they are about as the size of a garden hose.  No wonder it hurts to breath that stupid bally thing.
   As I sit here and watch my brave little man  hooked up to all these wires, I'd give anything to trade places with him and take away his pain. Not once has this kid said, "why me..."  He is pretty amazing...

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