Right before the rug was pulled out from beneath us!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

morning before the surgery

So, I decided to set the alarm on my cell phone just to be safe.. and although I was awake I am glad I did, because the alarm clock did NOT go off....
Jake is taking a shower,  he has some special soap he is suppose to wash his chest with.  He  is still allowed to take his meds with only a sip of water. Also he was suppose to  use this medicine called Bactroban last night .. It's a nasal ointment  to prevent infection after surgery, but I couldn't get it filled because .... I FORGOT the insurance card...  I know I know.. Who flies to another state for surgery then forgets the insurance cards... The nurse said it was fine and that they would give it to him this morning.. and as for the insurance card.. Bill is flying in this morning he will bring it.
I have this urge to watch Freaky Friday to see what it is they did to switch bodies and see if I can take over Jake's body for the next month...  I'm not sure if I'll have my head on straight to write detailed info.. But I will definitely let you know how the surgery goes.

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