Right before the rug was pulled out from beneath us!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

So Proud of Jake!

We drove down to Bonita Springs, in preparation to give an award to Larry Smith from Vital Flight.  Vital Flight coordinates FREE air transportation for individuals with compassionate, humanitarian or medical needs.  These wonderful pilots donate their time, and aircraft expenses including fuel and landing fees to help people in need.  And Yes, that was us in April...when I was hit with the news that we had to go to Boston and had to go by Monday....  I was so overwhelmed... But my sister ( did I mention my sister is A ROCKSTAR) called  Larry Smith.  He is our go to guy, and he is so very humble. He is amazing. ( Seriously, I was plotting a way to duct tape him, throw him in my trunk and bring him home with me, I just love him that much...LOL) He made it possible for us to get to Boston. Usually, they need a bit more time, but they still pulled through for us.  Jake was honored to give Mr. Smith an award to thank him for going above and beyond. And I have to say I'm very proud of my little man. He did a great job.  Before Jake gave the award , there was a wonderful slide show, My sister & I worked on it a little but then one of my sister's coworkers took it & and ran... and what an amazing job, he did.  I am having difficulties posting the slide show and video on the blog. So until I can figure it out, You'll just have to take my word for it.  Way to go Jake. 
   We really had an amazing time. Again, I must say God is so good. I was able to relax and enjoy the amazing view from our room. You know he planned the timing of finding out we had to go to Boston ( I was so stressed, you can tell by the bags under my eyes, I've been told)  and then hooking me up with this amazing room with an incredible view at no out of pocket cost to us. So we can focus our monetary efforts on getting Jake back to Boston.  I know that he will continue to lead us in the right direction.  Mr. Smith has already told me to call vital flight and start making the arrangements for our flight up there ( I told you he was amazing, If only I could of found that duct tape) ...  We are definitely tightening our belts with our spending, using coupons, and going out less...I've have already wiped out most of my savings and retirement..but you know that's not important to me.... it never has been... Having a happy, healthy family is all that matters... and
God is leading us on that path...  
I have been blessed with the most amazing husband, and wonderful children... and the best friends... so now we just have to work on the healthy part... and we are close... oh so close...  we will get there... So through my moments of insanity when I just can't understand why....  I look at all I have to be grateful for.... and realize I am so very blessed!