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Sunday, December 11, 2011

low blood pressure

Jake was not able to get up and walk around yesterday for two reasons, his blood pressure was too low (90/45 )and he has an air leak so they did not take the chest tubes out. So we stayed another night in CTU ( cardiothoracic unit).  I  have to admit I didn't post anything last night about it because I was down... It was hard yesterday seeing the older men who had surgery after Jake, up and walking around. I thought Jake would be healing faster because he has youth on his side.  But I know he will heal in his own time. He will be ok... He was more severe than they were.  So we take it day by day ...  
On a positive note he only has one I.V.  they had to keep it to continue to give him fluid because of his low blood pressure...they gave him two shots of heparin in his stomach, to prevent blood clots. He did eat yesterday, the first day he was not allowed except for ice chips because his stomach was slow... It wasn't making the stomach sounds it should of and they thought he would just throw up. He at ALL of the salmon & potatoes they brought him for dinner... He was hungry but he was too tired to eat. He didn't want me to feed him. He didn't want to feel like a baby. I fed him anyway... He is independent and wants to do everything himself.  Determined...  He did eat a bunch of ice cream, ice chips , and popsicle because his throat was still scratchy from the breathing tube.
   He did feel good enough to jump on facebook for a few minutes yesterday and he watched a movie. He slept the rest of the time.  Heading back to see him soon... without Bill.... He flies home today... 

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  1. You look good Jacob! Rest honey. Get your strength back. Missin' y'all here in the sunshine state....<3