Right before the rug was pulled out from beneath us!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

being released

Yeah...as I type this Jake is taking his first shower post op. Yeah...  the nurse came in and gave us the first of our release papers.. 8 prescriptions...  but whatever it takes to get my little man better! What a trooper..  seriously he has been wonderful..  He has maintained a positive attitude throughout the whole thing.
They took the chest tubes out Sunday and the chest wires came out yesterday... funny that I never read anything about the chest wires... I knew nothing about them...  they were attached to his heart with a small coil... almost looks like the coil in a pen but smaller.  anyway when its time to remove them they just pull it very slowly and detach it from the heart and continue pulling slowly right out through the belly.  The first one was a "weird" sensation the second one was a little more painful.  So excited that he is doing well. I was afraid that wouldn't release him today because he was running a slight fever yesterday. But all is clear today...
He is sleeping a lot.. but he needs the rest.. Doesn't have much of an appetite, but I wouldn't either if I had to eat hospital food...

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