Right before the rug was pulled out from beneath us!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Check Up!

Yesterday,  Jake felt well enough to return to school.  We went to the cardiologist to check the incision. It looks good.  He can take a shower now, and no longer needs to keep it bandaged up.  He gave us a script to have Jennifer's MRI done. He suggested Shands.  I will call today to get that appointment set up. We have an appointment to have the ICD read on May 17th and don't have to return to the cardiologist for 6 months. YEAH!  However, if he becomes symptomatic, we need to go in right away and get the ball rolling for the myectomy.  We have appointments with the dentist, psychiatrist and councilor coming up, so we are staying busy. But all is well and we can breathe!  Getting use to the life adjustments of low sodium and no caffeine are a struggle, but he is making awesome choices with little to no nagging.  I can honestly say, I can feel the weight lift off my chest and I can breathe easy, knowing life is going to continue. I am amazed at these wonderful doctors who spend so much time with us explaining everything, making sure we understand what is happening. Seriously yesterday, our doctor spent an hour with us one on one. He is awesome.  I truly appreciate all of your prayers and kind words throughout this challenging time for my family. Thank you, seriously, just doesn't quite do it justice, but it needs to be said... Thank you for all your prayers.

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