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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Surgery went well

What a day! We met with the surgeon at 9, Jake commented that he really wanted pictures of the procedure, so the doctor asked a nurse if he had his cell phone handy. I handed the nurse my camera and aked if he could use my camera. The doctor asked, "You trust us with your camera?" Jake said," She trusts you with my heart but not her camera..." Sharp as a tack...and not nervous at all... They took him back around 9:30.... and told us it would be about 2 1/2 hours before we would hear anything.
At 11:19, Dr. Link called and said everything went well, they tested the device and it did what it was suppose to do. So everything was good. And that's when it hit.... the tears wouldn't stop... It was like I could finally breathe.
They wheeled him out about 30 minutes later and he tried to make a joke and then busted out in song, " Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world" Then he proceeded to tell all the nurses he loved them, and tried to get their phone numbers. The nurses were calling him Romeo.
He feels good , his pain is only about a 3 right now. They just came in and  gave him an antibiotic to prevent infection. Right now.. all is good.... Thank you Lord, for answering our prayers.
Jake wanted to look at the incision right away but the nurse suggested he leave it alone until tomorrow. After that it needs to be changed every day. No showers for a week, sponge baths only.  No touching the incision. Only small movement of the arm for a couple days. We will have to see Dr. Mathews in a week , and again after 6 weeks. Then there is another doctor we have to see every 3 months. Then we will have to have the battery changed in the ICD  about every 7 years.  I'm trying to remember eveything.
Dr. Link stopped in after the surgery and checked out the pictures. He thought it was a neat idea and was proud of the photos he took.  Dr. Maron stopped in to check on Jake, and let us know that they are trying to get Jenn in for the MRI up here on Friday, if for some reason they can't fit her in, we will have to have it done in Florida.
I am staying the night here in the hospital with him... 

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