Right before the rug was pulled out from beneath us!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Seven short days!

   Two weeks ago, I went and got a tattoo in honor of my little boy. I couldn't decide what to get, then it hit me. Don't stop believing, partly because it is what he sang when they wheeled him out of the operating room, partly because it says it all. Don't stop believing he will get better, Don't stop believing that god will guide us through this. Just plan and simple Don't stop believing...
  Finally, the night I had been waiting months for...  the Night Ranger, Foreigner, and Journey concert. I had been worried for a few weeks about how the night was going to go. There is a lot of walking involved, would Jake be able to handle it?  The weather forecast was predicting rain for the night of the concert, would it rain and ruin the evening?  But then everything started looking up, the weather looked like it might rain Sunday instead of Saturday and suddenly Jake wasn't taking afternoon naps. WOOHOO.... around noon the day of the concert I took a nap ( yep, you read that right, I took a nap.. not Jake.. I know NOT normal) ... Bill woke me up to get ready and... I was miserable, seriously MiSeRaBLE.  I did the Netty pot thing, took some Dayquil, Ginger root and Advil. My throat was scratching and sore so I bought a frozen drink to cool it.  Just as the concert began I started feeling pretty good... ok it could of been the frozen concoction.. but the point is I wasn't feeling miserable and could enjoy the evening. Yeah.. Night Ranger played, then Foreigner came on stage and they Rocked it... then when Journey began to sing their second song my meds began to wear off and I was miserable again... headache, stuff nose, sore throat, achy body, fever.... Bill looked at me and asked If I wanted to go home... Yeah I must of looked that bad.  All I could think was I waited months for this.. I'm not leaving, I don't care how crappy I feel... Then it happened...  My favorite part of the evening, when Journey came back out and sang Don't stop Believing . Bill, Jenn, Jake & I all played our best air guitar and sang as loud as we could. We ROCK IT!  It was truly awesome. Definitely,  a moment I will never forget!
In seven short days we return to Boston to find out if Jake is a candidate for the next surgery.... The next seven days... may turn into the longest seven days of my life. It will only be Jake & I this time. I'm nervous about so many things.  I hope we get some answers, does he need the myectomy, and if so when. I hope I can remember everything the doctors say.... I hope the trip goes smoothly.  I hope this cold/flu is gone by then AND I pray Jake doesn't catch it...

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