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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Calling all Super Powers!

 I have to admit, I'm nervous. I just can't tell what I'm more nervous about, what the doctors will tell us, or whether or not I get us lost. Truth be told, I have been know to get lost while following others. How am I going to find our way to the baggage claim area let alone any restaurants. That is the main reason we booked the hotel directly across the street from the hospital. Also, because we don't have to rent a car or get a taxi except to and from the airport.
    Secretly, I think my husband is like a super hero. I seem to be the damsel in distress quite often, not knowing my exact whereabouts.  I find it amazing that I can call him from anywhere and say honey, there is a Seven Eleven on this corner and a Taco Bell on the that corner, and he can tell me exactly where I am and which way I need to go. I think his super powers kick in when we are at the airport too, because he always just grabs my hand and leads me to the baggage claim... I 'm not sure how he does it. Are there big signs leading the way that my short  5 ft. stature needs to stand on tip toe to see? He assures me there are signs everywhere.

   We packed for cold weather. In Boston, the low will be 63. For this Florida girl, that's freezing. I hope we have everything in the suite case that we need. I was a little distracted while packing. Gracie Mae is Jake's dog. She totally sensed that we are leaving and climbed into the suitcase. She just wants to go, too. Silly dog.

We fly out tomorrow and have three appointments on Tuesday , then we will fly home Wednesday. It's a short trip, but hopefully, a productive one. One of the doctors here suggested I take a flash drive for downloading all Jake's test or medical information, so each new doctor that sees him will have all the information they need.  Also, I think it will be pretty cool to check out the MRI pictures.

Well, I have set out my big girl panties; crispy and clean and ready for tomorrows adventure...in hopes that they will allow me to hone in on some of the my husbands' superpowers, so that I can lead my little boy hopefully to the correct airport terminal and on to the right plane... I wonder if I write a big S for SUPERMOM on my big girl panties would the scanner at the airport pick it up? well.......all I can say is ....I'm packed... and I'm as ready as I'll ever be...

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