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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jenni's appointment is scheduled!

Busy as a bee... (where does that come from? Bees never look too busy to me... )I'm overwhelmed. I barely have my head above water....  I have a lot on my mind and a busy schedule... lots of appointments coming up. Yesterday, I spent my planning period on the phone making doctor appointments, and YES,  I finally got through to Shands,(yeah) Jenni's appointment is on the 18th.  Jake had an appointment with the psychiatrist yesterday. Jenn & I had a few things we had to pick up at the store , so we didn't get home until close to 9. As I said busy... So this morning, as I showered, in my mind I was going through all the things I need to get done today before Jake's dentist appointment. I had just squirted the conditioner in my hair as Bill, my husband, came in to kiss me goodbye.  He left and I jumped out of the shower, got ready for work, threw a load of clothes in the washer, picked out extra jewelry (because my k students are learning the letter J), and grabbed a yogurt for lunch.  As I was pulling into the school parking lot, I ran my fingers through my hair and that's when I felt the goo.... WTH is that????  Conditioner....I never washed the conditioner out of my hair. What to do? Oh what to do??? So picture me washing my hair out in the sink in the kindergarten classroom and drying it with paper towels. Then I had to walk out to my car to get my hair brush. Oh My... What a way to start the day! LOL!
   We received Jake's Medical Alert bracelet in the mail on Monday. Jake was SO excited he kissed me... LOL... We spent a lot of time looking for one he thought was cool enough. I mean if he has to wear it all the time. I want it to be something he likes. The funny thing was I wasn't sure what to have engraved on it. The websites didn't specify what the norm is. So being the Rebel I am, I took caution to the wind (LOL) and I  had "Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy  St. Jude ICD" engraved on the bracelet.  That way if something happens to him, they will know about the ICD, and the brand in case they need to read it.
   We had to reschedule Jake's dentist appointment today, because he forgot to take his antibiotic.  UGGH!  Yeah, he remembered as we got out of the car to walk into the office.  So, I have to take more time off work, which hasn't really been a problem, except I'm running out of sick time.  I am so very thankful to have such an awesome boss.  Seriously,  I left early today, have to leave early Thursday for another dentist appointment, Tuesday I'm taking a half day because Jake needs to get his ICD read,  Wednesday is Jenni's MRI and then the dental appointment we had to reschedule from today is on the 31st. 
   Jake has been feeling good.  He still takes the occasional nap, but nothing like the last post when he slept all day.  He is doing the usual chores around the house, but not much else.

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