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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Great News!

Jennifer's MRI was yesterday. She had a little complication with a defective IV, which popped off as they injected the contrast. But she did awesome, and was so brave. (She seriously has a fear of needles.) I had no idea how worried I really was, until the cardiologist said that her septum is within NORMAL range. YEAH! He showed me the images, and the tears started coming. I can't even describe the relief I feel.  Her arm is pretty sorry today, but she is just fine!
   On Tuesday, We went to have the ICD read. It seriously took about five minutes.  It was our first time having it read in the office, I  didn't know what to expect. It was quick and painless, the ICD is working fine. We get it checked again in three months. 
   After a scab fell off, Jake noticed a string hanging from the incision. He went to pull it off and realized it was attached. So they took care of that on Tuesday also, cutting off Jake's "pull string".
He is doing pretty good. His spirits are up, and he felt well enough to attend Jenn's JROTC award night. He even wants to start walking the dogs again. So tonight,  we will give it a try.    :-)

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