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Monday, June 27, 2011

Going back to Boston

   The doctors have been saying Jake needs to be active because he is gaining a bit of weight.  We have tried to get him to walk the dogs... no interest. We tried swimming... not for him. So we made an appointment with a trainer at the YMCA.  The appointment was at 7.  He worked out with the trainer who showed him things he could do, even with his limitation until about 7:45. Then came home and slept until 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  And then went to bed and slept throughout the night..  We tried it again on Friday,  he worked out for a little less than a half hour.  We got home at 10, and he slept.  I woke him up at 4:30.  I called the doctor... fatigue after exertion is a sign after all.... So we went to see the cardiologist this morning...and He is concerned as well.....  He said we should pull the plug on waiting and Call Boston.  So after our second Doctor appointment today...  I called the doctor in Boston, and they said our cardiologist had already called and Dr. Maron wants to see Jake to do a stress echo, and he wants him to see another doctor while we are up there.. but I forgot to ask who the other doctor was and why we need to see him...  ( so that is on my to do list..) Our cardiologist said there is a test they can do with a catheter that will tell exactly what the gradient is. This will tell if he needs the surgery now  or if we can wait.  The office manager made our appointment for the next available slot... August 23rd.
 Ok ... I realize this sounds insane.... I have been a mess all day. I  CALLED the doctor... because I was concerned.... Why is it a shock that they want us to go to Boston?  I guess deep down I was hoping I was just being a paranoid mother. Like when he was little and I took him to the doctor for every little bump or bruise.. or tug at the ear.. fearful of an ear infection...  I thought I was just being over protective and thought they'd say....  "No , not time yet"... AND I'm shocked that I feel like that because I 've been going insane wondering why they are waiting and not just jumping in and doing they myectomy now? They know it needs to be done!  So yeah! INSANE describes my emotions right now....
    And just to be clear.. at this time we do not have the myectomy scheduled.... we are only going up to have more tests done to see if it is time to proceed with the myectomy... I do not know if they decide it is time... if they will do it while we are there.. or if they will send us home with a date..  I really just don't know.... I'm not sure what plan God has in store for us, and I am trying to have faith that although I may not be able to picture the plan... there is one.  I just don't understand how getting an appointment after school is back in session works in the plan... when I have the whole summer off? I know,  I know.. I can't see the big picture from were I sit.. and I am sure it will all work out in the end.  Just have faith...
So Now,  I have 55 days to stress, worry and research about everything. Jacob needs to continue to exercise. So I was thinking... What if he works out at night???? Will he just get a better night sleep,  and wake up at a descent time in the morning.  This might be a great idea! Ding Ding Ding.. we have a winner!  ... well I hope it is a winner...  We will try it tomorrow...

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  1. Several ladies at the office have started a prayer group. We meet twice a week on lunch and have group prayer over concerns that we present. We will be praying.
    Stay strong!
    Your Royal Cup sister