Right before the rug was pulled out from beneath us!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What I've been waiting for...

 Today my heart is jumping for joy. I can't even describe what this day means to me... it is the day I've been waiting for. Today, Jake attended my nephew's birthday party. ( Happy Birthday Chasen.. which is exciting but that's not what has me beaming)  Last night we were still undecided if Jacob would attend, however after much thought about protection and the risks, Jake decided he wanted to go.....He decided it's time to live.... Did I mention it was a paintball party? This kid who had open heart surgery 53 days ago was playing paintball today like a pro...
ok .. maybe not like a pro.. but not like someone too tired to do anything fun.. I can't even tell you how excited I am that he was able to play. Two months ago this would not have been possible. Two months ago he didn't have the energy to stay awake let alone play paintball.
Today my son is enjoying life... WOOHOO!  Today my heart is jumping for joy.  I'm so happy I could cry.... ok..ok.. so happy I did cry.

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