Right before the rug was pulled out from beneath us!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Amazing People

I am amazed at how caring my coworkers are.  They organized a fundraiser for our trip to Boston. I am amazed and humbled. The out pour of love shocks me. I totally understand times are tight, all I could ever ask for is prayers, so this act of kindness is so overwhelming to me.  When you have a sick child it's expensive. When the specialist say go to another state, it's even more expensive.  We have been so blessed, and lucky.  I know as I type that.. some of you are thinking lucky? Your son is having open heart surgery,  You have exhausted all your savings...you're broke.. how are you lucky...  I'll tell you... I'm lucky because my little boy is alive...AND I knew I had friends but never realized how many friends... I am so blessed and so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives. From my co-workers organizing the fundraiser,  the friends and family getting the word out about it, my extended family urging to set up a paypal for donations, ( thank you Amanda for doing that), the out pour of help ( from letting me know what I need to wear to keep us warm , to making sure we are getting the best deal on our hotel room) and prayers from our facebook friends,  to a friend in Mississippi taking time out of his vacation to stop in to pray with us, I am amazed. SO many people have helped so much. I just want you to know I appreciate all of you and everything you do for my family, no matter how little you may think it is. It's huge to me.  Tonight, we will be attending a local Beef O'Brady's . Our supporters will present the waiter with a coupon and Beef's will donate 10% of every meal  accompanied with a coupon to our family for our trip.  At the urging of many people who are unable to attend but wanted to donate my step daughter set up a paypal account. One of our friends donated $10. 00 to our paypal account and was almost apologetic. All I could say was, are you kidding me, that's like you just spent $100.00 at Beef's ... We appreciate it... In short I just want to say Thank You... Thank you for you support. Thank you for being in my life...

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  1. I'm glad you guys had a good turn out. That is awesome!!