Right before the rug was pulled out from beneath us!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


 I think someone should invent a stressOmeter that needs to be connected to the freezer door...It should measure your heart rate and if it is too high.. it should beep and go off and say some clever line like... step away from the ice cream.... Or Stress Eater Alert!  If I have learned one thing through this ordeal it is that I am a stress eater.  I had lost about 40 lbs before Jake was diagnosed and since April have put it all back on. Stupid Ice cream...
Why would I need Ice cream?  Let me tell you a little story about why I need Ice cream in my life...  It was the beginning of my planning time, when my cell phone rang... I instantly picked it up when I saw it was my mother calling. In a frantic voice, she informed me that the school nurse had called and Jake's blood pressure was really low and they were VERY concerned. So I dropped everything, and started to run out the door. I was so flustered I couldn't even spit out what was happening to others who were concerned. As I  ran out of the front office my shoe started to fall off. So I kicked both shoes off, and still running, I bent down to scoop them up off the ground, just as I did this my computer bag, slipped off my shoulder falling forward causing me to become top heavy.... YEP... you guessed it.. down I went.... knees down .. bottom up ... skirt flying up over my head...white panties for all to see..  When I landed, I quickly turned to look for the audience expecting to hear applause or see score cards because that landing deserved a 10, I tell you... However, my top heavy, panty showing tumble went unnoticed... So I quickly gathered my scattered belongings and ran to the car... because I had to get to Jake. I arrive at the school, ran to the clinic to see the clinic lady casually sitting behind the desk, I told her who I was and why I was there, she hollered for Jake, " Your mom's here" He strolls out, just fine. He had a little bit of chest pain,  possibly caused by a stressful day at school, and when they took his blood pressure it was low.  His medicine makes his blood pressure low. So I took him home and let him rest like the doctor advised, then after eating TWO bowls of Publix Chocolate Trinity ice cream, I headed back to school.  As I entered one teacher's classroom she looked at me and asked what is that on your sweater. I looked down and realized I had grass all over me... from my tumble... Can you imagine what the clinic lady must of thought? I must roll around in the grass all day...  Seriously we weren't talking a strand or two ... covered in grass.  I chuckle even more now.. because as I got out of the van to go in the school.. I couldn't find one of my shoes. I had thrown them in the van as I jumped in... and through my slow and steady perfect speed limit driving,  one of the shoes had fallen on the other side between the door and the seat. So I got out of the  car with only one shoe on .. and a lady getting into her car said and I quote, " I think you lost something" Now at the time I assumed she meant my shoe... Now I think back...looking at the whole grass covered, one shoe wearing, crazy worried mother picture, she might have been talking about my mind.
Overall Jake's been doing ok.  He is just trying to get through each day.  As we prepared for Amanda's bridal shower, I had Jake move two boxes from the office to the shed, he looked exhausted so I told him to take a break. He laid down and fell asleep at  6:30 and slept through until the next morning.
Stupid Ice Cream.... sounds good right now, I think I'll have a bowl...or two.

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